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Beginner's Series

Check Schedule for Next Start Dates

These ongoing series are taught at a Beginning Level. These classes will help the new student begin a Yoga practice, and the continuing student to refresh their practice. Students are encouraged to start and stay at any level of instruction as long as they feel it meets their needs.

Individual Sessions are also available for those who want one-on-one time with the teacher at a Beginning Level or for a more basic “Intro to Yoga” instruction.

Intro to Yoga

These classes are an introduction to the basics of practicing Yoga and will prepare the new student for a Level I or Level II class. Intro to Yoga is offered several times a year and is either in a one-class format or a 4-week series. Please check the schedule page to find out what is currently being offered.

Level I - Beginning - 8 weeks

Level I students are taught the basic foundations of Yoga focusing on asana (poses), alignment and breathing. Students will learn to use props and modifications based on their individual needs when needed.

Pre-Registration Required for Intro to Yoga and Level I

To Register:
Send us email at

  1. Please include your name, phone number and which class you are interested in attending.
  2. We will reply letting you know if there is space in the class.
  3. If there is still space left, we will place your name on the list, but you are not registered until we receive your payment.
  4. NOTE: Payment deadline is one-week prior to class start date. Sorry, no refunds. Series are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  5. As a courtesy to others who may wish to join, if you signed up, but haven’t paid, and no longer intend on attending, please let us know as soon as possible so we can remove your name from the list.

You may bring your payment (cash or check) by our studio or mail to:
1009 4th Avenue East, Olympia, WA 98506
Please note our studio is only open during class times. Special arrangements for drop-off can be made when registering.

Please Write on Check:
Session Start Date and Class Day/Time

These classes are not suitable for those who are pregnant, with injury or recovering from injury/surgery unless approved by teacher.
Please call us to speak with the teacher or to find a suitable class for your needs.


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